Market Updates

08/06/2008 - Where are Real Estate Buyers coming from?
Whether consulting with an owner as to the best way to sell their home or in casual conversation, the question is frequently asked, "Where are real estate buyers coming from?" Real estate professionals hear it all the time and yet an amazing number of different answers are brought forth.

01/17/2008 - Pricing in an Adjusting Market
The real estate market over the last several years has progressed through a number of phases. There is no doubt that a price adjustment has taken place in the real estate market in the last few years. Read More

02/07/2007 - Why Would I Buy a House As-Is?
As a buyer, an as-is contract is nothing to be afraid of. Read More

07/20/2006 - 2006 Mid Year Trends
There have been countless theories put forward with regard to the current and historic trend of the real estate market in Volusia and Flagler counties. The most important question, of course, is where are we going next? We have addressed this topic previously with regards to the seasonality that exists in our local market. That is still a relevant discussion and should not be discounted. However, there are other factors at play which are having a considerable impact. Read More

11/25/2005 - Why East Central Florida?
There are several questions that are frequently asked of Real Estate Professionals by Real Estate Developers and Investors who are looking for their next site. They ask “Why should I choose The Daytona Beach or Flagler/Palm Coast area for my next development?” As we’ll see, the answer is an important one for more than just investors. Read More

11/08/2005 - What about my area in Flagler
Everyone who lives in this area has heard repeatedly about the increase in housing prices that we’ve seen throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties. For example, most people know that Flagler County is the fastest growing county in the nation (what a stat)! And several people saw the article in the New York Times in January of this year called “Beyond Fast Cars and Spring Break, a New Daytona Rises.” There were also the articles in Monday Magazine in June of 2004 and repeated in June of 2005 that listed the top places for expected price growth in the country, both placed the Greater Daytona Beach Area in the top 5 and one of the fastest in Florida. Given all of this fantastic news, many people wonder, how these dramatic increases affect them. That’s the purpose of this article. Read More

11/08/2005 - What's going on in real estate?
There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the status of Real Estate in the Greater Daytona Beach Area. Last month and for several previous, the question was “When is this market going to slow down?” More recently, the question has been “Are we in the midst of a slowdown?” Read More