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Quaint, yet modern, Port Orange is recognized statewide for its quality of life. Its small-town feeling, yet progressive spirit, along with its proximity to larger metropolitan areas makes it an ideal place for young singles, families and senior citizens to live.

Port Orange is made up of some 150 distinct "neighborhoods" and, while each has its own distinctive flavor, these neighborhoods come together to form a successful, cohesive community with enormous civic pride. This pride is exemplified in "Port Orange Family Days" which is one of the largest annual events in central Florida. This four-day festival, which is held in October, takes place at the beautiful Port Orange Civic Center. It focuses on the celebration of family and the quality of life in Port Orange. It features a carnival, business and non-profit expo, children's games, parade, food court and entertainment.

The City Center can be found fronting a picturesque lake. Constructed in 1985, City Hall was the first of many structures making up the 105 acre city campus. Today, it is shared with a regional library, a YMCA, an outdoor amphitheater, a sports complex, a skate park, a police headquarters, a fire/rescue station and a civic center.

The city encompasses 26.4 square miles speckled with many beautiful parks and is home to over 50,000 residents.

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