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It is said that in 1513, Juan Ponce DeLeon was exploring the land and waters around the inlet that now bears his name. A lighthouse marking the inlet went into service in 1887 and was the only navigational aid between St. Augustine and Cape Canaveral. Today, this busy navigable inlet provides access to the intercoastal waterway from the Atlantic Ocean and serves as the focal point of sleepy community serving as home to many happy mariners.

The lighthouse, which is fully functional, is the tallest in Florida and the second tallest in the United States. It can be seen from 19 miles out at sea. The non-profit Lighthouse Preservation Association, which can be credited for the restoration and preservation of the lighthouse, now operates it along with its museum, theater, and store, all of which are open to the public daily.

In 1963, the Town of Ponce Inlet was formed to control the destiny of the fragile and beautiful peninsula tip. It boasts gorgeous beaches and a wonderful park comprised of sand dunes and walkways. There are marinas, restaurants and charter fishing boats.

Community dedication and pride is nowhere more apparent than in the handsome Ponce Inlet Community Center. Run by trustees and volunteers, the center hosts governmental, civic and private activities.

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