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The city that is now Ormond Beach was founded in 1880 and named for James Ormond III, descendent of a British colonist from the 1770's. The town was made up of a small colony of New Englanders intent on making their living from citrus cultivation.

Development soon accelerated when John Anderson, Joseph Price, Stephen Van Cullen Whit and other pioneers saw that the small community was linked by rail with the eastern United States. Their entrepreneurial spirit led to the construction of a bridge over the Halifax River linking the mainland and the peninsula and providing access to the beach.

Soon, with the development of the Ormond Hotel, the social and economic character of the community began to form. During the late nineteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Ormond Beach became one of Florida's most recognized resort communities. It enjoyed more renown as the summer home of John D. Rockefeller.

The community was the location of some of the first automobile races in the world. Consequently, Ormond Beach became and is still known today as The Birthplace of Speed.

Today, Ormond Beach has grown into Volusia County's fourth most populated city with an abundance of amenities. It is recognized regionally for its exceptional quality of life and its rich tradition and recreational activities.

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