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Orange City's first inhabitants were Timucuans, a nomadic tribe who found fish and fresh water plentiful there. The earliest permanent settlers may have been Louis and Mary Thursby who arrived by riverboat around 1856 and built a log cabin at the juncture of Blue Spring Run and the St. Johns River.

After the Civil War, the exotic scenery and subtropical climate of Florida attracted large numbers of northerners. Thursby Landing was soon the site of much activity as settlers, mail and supplies arrived regularly from Jacksonville and beyond. A citrus town sprang up and, founded in 1875, Orange City had 800 residents by 1885.

Today, Orange City's central location on Highway 17-92, just off Interstate 4 and midway between Orlando and Daytona Beach, puts it within 50 miles of Florida's most famous attractions including the Atlantic Ocean and Disney World.

Today, central Florida's expanding job market is attracting young families and professionals. Jobs in almost any kind of business or industry can be found within easy driving distance. Orange City's solid foundation of traditional family values and its proximity to the vigorous growth of central Florida promise a prosperous decade to come. Affordable housing, good city and county services, low taxes, excellent educational opportunities and unlimited recreation add up to an irresistible quality of life.

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