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Holly Hill has a spirit and diversity that is the envy of many communities. Situated along the Halifax River, the city has a natural beauty, tree-lined streets and several attractive parks, including a uniquely designed Dog Park for canines.

A wide range of community services and facilities provide an enjoyable environment for families to live, work and have fun. The municipal recreational complex includes a gymnasium and activity center, heated pool, wellness center and tennis and racquetball courts.

Holly Hill offers a full line of city services and takes a business-like approach to creating welcoming and pleasant surroundings for residents and visitors. The city has a reputation for having a stable and successful commercial climate that embraces and nurtures new businesses and industries. It offers a local workforce that is educated, productive and competitive.

Six highly ranked colleges and universities and the Advanced Technology Center are nearby and support industry needs with career advancement, workforce development and research. Several small but successful manufacturing enterprises call Holly Hill home and continue to play an increasing role in the marketplace.

Elected leaders recognize the vital role that commerce and industry play in the future of Holly Hill and work closely with sensible development. Holly Hill provides unlimited opportunities for success with a regional marketplace, a stable growth environment, nearby educational opportunities and a quality of life that is most appealing.

Single-family homes, office buildings, and condos in Holly Hill

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