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Edgewater is a unique intracoastal waterfront community located alongside a diverse ecosystem, the Indian River Lagoon, known as the underwater rain forest. Edgewater's quiet, small town charm has earned it the title of The Hospitality City. Some of the most breath-taking estuaries and wild life in the country are located here. This is home to 300 species of birds, 680 species of fish, playing dolphins, and the famous manatee. Several small, undeveloped islands separate the shoreline and river's channel from the accessible backwaters and the Atlantic Ocean. To the north is the City of New Smyrna Beach. South is unincorporated Volusia County and the small City of Oak Hill. To the west are pristine hardwood hammocks, rural agricultural areas and interstate 95.

Edgewater is rich in history. It began its life as Hawk's Landing. In 1924, the Florida legislature changed its name to Edgewater. Through the years, many improvements came: a general store, a crab factory and a hospital were built. Orange groves, apiaries, poultry yards, vegetable gardens and bee-keeping were prevalent. Tropical Blossom Honey Company began shipping honey to many foreign countries and Loveland Groves shipped fruit all over the United States. These companies still thrive today.

The 1950's brought much change. A City Hall and Community Center were constructed. Edgewater incorporated as a city in 1951. It grew from 115 residents in 1984 to over 20,000 today.

Despite its growth, Edgewater retains much of the small town charm that gives one a taste of "Old Florida".

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