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Daytona Beach Shores was founded in 1960 by local business leaders convinced that a smaller community could provide better services to its residents. Since then, the City, located on a 5.5 mile stretch of barrier island locally referred to as the ?Peninsula?, has undergone various transformations. The "Shores", as it is known locally, is Volusia County?s premier luxury condominium community. A privately operated executive golf course and a City-owned tennis facility help to accentuate the upscale ambience of Daytona Beach Shores.

The City has a year-round population of about 4800, but can host over 25,000 people during special events. Home to various attractions, such as the Court of Flags, Living Legends of Auto Racing Walk of Fame, and a memorial to late City Councilman Otto Schultze. Along with an exciting Community Center, the City added a Senior Center in 1999 and the Oceans Racquet & Recreation Club in 2001.

The City is currently in the process of developing a Town Center, creating numerous public parks and burying all utility lines. The ?Shores? motto ?Life is Better Here? has never been more true as the City progressively prepares for the future.

Daytona Beach Shores is the only community in Volusia County to employ a true Public Safety system. Public Safety officers are trained to handle police, fire and emergency medical duties, thus providing increased protection with the fastest response times.

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